Hatchbacks are universally recognized amongst all the available body styles out there, but what separates a well-designed hatchback from an inferior one? Here in Yorkville, NY, we think a good example lies in the updated Volkswagen Golf.

The Volkswagen Golf has always been recognized for its maneuverability, lavish interior, and ability to perform in a variety of weather conditions, but its design is also worth your attention. Featuring a sporty look that in no way undercuts the car's reasonable price and overall versatility, the Volkswagen Golf has a look that says it can take on anything, and at Steet Ponte Volkswagen, we're inclined to believe that.

A few of the Volkswagen Golf's design features worth bringing up include a sleek dashboard with an easily accessible Infotainment system that's seamlessly integrated. Plus, a panoramic sunroof lets plenty of air and light into the vehicle. Plus, we have to mention that the cargo area has been redesigned to make packing an easier experience. You won't find a better hatchback in Utica, NY.

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