Protecting your car from salt corrosion can be quite a challenge during the winter months. There are, however, a few steps that Yorkville, NY drivers can take to reduce the likelihood that their vehicles will suffer from salt corrosion. Road salt is necessary when there is snow and ice preventing motorists from generating the appropriate amount of traction for a safe commute. Unfortunately, road salt is notoriously corrosive. What can you do to protect your vehicle's paint?

The first step is rather simple, but it is still important. Washing your car regularly will lessen the length of time that corrosive road salt remains on your car's surface. Waxing is another useful step, as it creates a protective layer between a car's exterior paint and elements like road salt and other debris.

Finally, the team at Steet Ponte Volkswagen recommends using a cover to protect your vehicle's exterior while it is parked, particularly if you do not have a garage.

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