Steet Ponte Auto Group Company Picnic 2021

This past Sunday, August 1st, we held our Annual Company Picnic for the Steet Ponte Auto Group at Enchanted Forest Water Safari in Old Forge, NY! We have held it here every year since 1994, when we purchased our Toyota store in Yorkville, NY. This year was a bit different due to our rainy and colder summer we've been having, but still had over 300 people in attendance! 

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Design that Dominates Competition: Volkswagen Arteon

Take a precursory glance at the Volkswagen Arteon, and you'll quickly appreciate what sets this sedan apart from its competition: big wheels, glossy body color, huge chrome accents and sleek, aerodynamic silhouette. The rest of the proof is in the design details. Our Steet Ponte VW took at look at Volkswagen Arteon design features for your edification.

Sportscar-Inspired Paddle Shifters

Typically found on sport rides and upper, sportier trims, the Volkswagen Arteon R-Line trim boasts paddle shifters mounted on its steering wheel. Accessible by either hand, the shifters let you 

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What is an Infotainment System?

An infotainment system displays on the center screen in the car. It can be considered as the basis of communication. This system carries out all the communication between the driver and the vehicle. It manages all the entertainment, calls made via the car, and GPS. Generally, the system forms a platform of interaction between the vehicle and the driver.

These infotainment systems ensure the safety of the people in the vehicle is upheld. It provides necessary information like the speed of the car. It also provides GPS to the drivers in some instances.

These infotainment systems can access 

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19th Annual Steet Ponte Auto Group Golf Tournament!

The 19th Annual Steet Ponte Auto Group Golf Tournament is being held on Sunday, July 18th at Stonebridge Golf Course in Frankfort, NY!

Each year we change the location to give all of our local golf courses business, and it’s also fun for us to golf different courses we might not attend normally! The tournament starts at 11:30am and is open to not just our employees, but family, friends, customers, and other business associates.

Please call or contact Chris Bivins of Steet Toyota of Yorkville to sign up and form a team! (315) 736-8241 ext. 718 or ChrisBivins…

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